G-Wizard says I'm not registered. Why won't my registration work?

Make sure you're properly registered or the software won't work!

Our registration process is the same one used by most every Internet product:

1. Fill out the registration form with your name and email.

2. Receive a return email with an opt-in link that has to be clicked to confirm that the email you gave is a real email account.

3. Once you click the opt-in, and after a period of time, your account is activated. The activation wait for G-Wizard can be as long as 12 hours, but typically it is 3 or 4. Please be patient!

There's nothing else to it than that. The process is identical to what companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and all the rest have used for years. In addition, most machinist's online forums, CNCZone, Practical Machinist, and the rest, use exactly the same approach too.

Where this can go off the tracks is:

- You didn't get the return email after filling out the registration form. It could be lodged in your spam filter. Note that you'll get a fresh new email after each registration and they come within a matter of a couple of minutes.

- You didn't return email, you ignored the link in the email that has to be clicked, or the instructions didn't make sense. Sorry about that! But you will get an email from us and it will only be this "opt-in" email. Find the link in it and click it.

- You expected to click the link and immediately begin using G-Wizard. Sorry about that, there is a delay as mentioned. Please be patient. Also, exit G-Wizard because it will only check with our servers when it first comes up. Sometimes the registration completes, but because G-Wizard is still up, it doesn't have the up to the minute news.

Last thought: if you've done all this and G-Wizard still complains you're not registered, trying logging off and retyping your email address. Often there will be a simple typo. You need the exact same address you used to register.

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