I get a message, "the installer file is damaged"

I get a message, "the installer file is damaged"

This is telling you that the install program that runs in your browser has hit some unknown problem. Isn't it great that Adobe chooses to deflect that onto the application creator by saying the file is damaged? While that may be the problem, it usually isn't. The install failure can come from a lot of sources having to do with which browser you run, which version of the browser, the exact settings of your browser, or your firewall and antivirus software and settings. Figuring out exactly where all of that went wrong is a pain, so the easier answer is often just to sidestep it entirely and download the AIR file directly as described below under "When all else fails..."

Ironically, Adobe even gets this problem with their own software. You can follow some of recommendations of Adobe and other software vendors for how to fix it:

- When help fails for this reason on Creative Suite, here is the answer. Boils down to uninstall Help, get the latest Flash/AIR, but there is some magic in deleting a directory entry.

Sparkbooth says it is a permissions or access issue, and recommend downloading the AIR file directly as I have suggested.

Balsamiq has the same advice to directly download the AIR file.

As I say, downloading the AIR file cuts through a lot of BS. Follow the directions below--no need to reinstall AIR and all that, just scroll down to where it tells how to download the file.

Special Note for Mac Users: If you have G-Wizard running, but get this problem trying to upgrade, uninstall your current G-Wizard first.

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